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For example,  black matte helmet
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Icon Airflite Synthwave purple motorcycle helmet

Item code: 592462
Price 431.60 €
In stock a few
  • Kantemirovskaya
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31 assessment

Drawing on the not-so-distant nostalgic memories you probably remember from someone's stories of watching movies, AIRFLITE SYNTHWAVE visually epitomizes retrofuturism assembled into one product with a specific purpose. Is this Skynet from Terminator? Is it neon? Is that the glowing sorcerer from Big trouble in little China? Yes, the helmet has it all, and it glows in the dark. Live an amazing life to make what you thought yesterday happen today!

World standard

Complies with international safety standards DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe) and PSC (Japan). PSC certification stickers are attached only in the case of purchase from an authorized dealer in this country.



The helmet comes with a built-in DropShield gold sun visor and a fog-free FliteShield transparent main visor.


Interior decoration

Removable quick-drying HydraDry lining.



Rugged molded shell made of polycarbonate.



The most common form of helmet is intermediate-oval-slightly shorter from front to back and slightly wider on the sides.



4 vents, including a vent in the chin area, like MX motocross helmets. 2 outlets connected by deep channels in the interior finish of energy-absorbing Styrofoam. All this provides excellent cooling of the helmet.



Average. The reduced profile of the shell helps to reduce the overall weight in accordance with the exclusive international standard ICON and at the same time suits your riding style.

Примечание для покупателей:

Визор (забрало) идущий в комплекте с мотошлемом или приобретаемый отдельно – это специальный защитный элемент мотошлема со сложным химическим составом, способствующим безопасности и комфорту во время движения на мотоцикле. Заводская пленка, в которую он упакован, защищает поверхность визора от повреждений при его транспортировке и хранении до начала эксплуатации, сохраняя надлежащий его товарный вид и потребительские свойства. Не рекомендуется снимать или повреждать заводскую пленку визора мотошлема до принятия уверенного решения о его приобретении. Заводская упаковка – составляющая первоначального вида.

Инструкция по уходу за визором: смочить микрофибру в теплой воде, накрыть визор, через 3 минуты аккуратно смыть под струей воды и оставить высыхать. При необходимости протереть рукой с мыльным раствором и смыть под струей воды. На внутреннюю сторону визора не наносить очищающие средства и не протирать, во избежании повреждения антифог покрытия. Допускает использование специальных чистящих средств, не нарушающих покрытие визора, только на внешней стороне. Перед применением проверяйте средство на незначительном участке поверхности. Магазин не несет ответственности за применение химических средств.

Цвет товара может незначительно отличаться т.к. фотосъемка изделия выполнена в студийных условиях при специальном освещении. Производитель может незначительно менять оттенок или незначительные элементы дизайна на свое усмотрение в зависимости от партии без предварительного уведомления.

В целях обеспечения гигиены шлем можно примерять только в подшлемнике. Это касается примерки при доставке и в магазине. Возьмите с собой подшлемник или приобретите в магазине по специальной цене. Одноразовые шапочки не закрывают всю площадь лица, поэтому мы их не используем.

Manufacturer Icon
Color фиолетовый
Material поликарбонат
Gender мужской, женский, унисекс
Season летние
Certification standard ECE 22-05 (Европа)
Features светится в темноте, солнечные очки
Model name Icon Airflite мотошлем
Motorcycle helmets
Type of clasp с D - образными кольцами
Type of helmet интеграл
Helmet Weight 1690
The number of cases in the model 3
Helmet Interior HydraDry гипоаллергенный быстросохнущий съемный
Preparing for the headset да
Number of ventilation ports 6
Chin blind included да
Care instructions Ручная стирка (кроме кожи), специализированная химчистка, подробная инструкция на этикетке.
Warranty period 14 дней
Brand country США
Где купить «Icon Airflite Synthwave purple motorcycle helmet»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
+7 (931) 105-07-97 11:00-21:00 ежедневно
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Customer reviews
7 reviews
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  • in Краснодара 28/03/2021, 11:43
    I really liked the helmet,the color is simply bombic in the style of the 2000s retrowave, I have long wanted to buy it.
    The size was taken according to his old helmet, it fits very tightly on the head, about the review it is simply gorgeous,the ventilation of the head is excellent, the built-in sunglasses help a lot.
    very happy with the purchase.
    In Adler, there are no helmets in this color,so only I have such a helmet)
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 15/03/2021, 18:10
    Great helmet and great design. According to Sharpe, the helmet for some reason received only 3, but it feels quite high-quality , which is not unimportant , unlike the helmets that I had before - it's not easy to tear off the paint from this, the visor holds for more than the first season and does not get cloudy.
  • Good
    in Санкт-Петербурга 17/11/2020, 8:30
    The helmet is good, but my inattention is the reason for the low rating. Ordered and did not pay attention to the description (the helmet only comes with a transparent visor - in this store, in others it has a normal set of 2 visors: tinted and transparent). It turned out to be expensive and based on the price of the visor - very expensive. From a well-known store in Germany, even with delivery, but with two visors, it turns out fatter.
  • 18/11/2020, 21:01
    Read the description on the official website ( - " Dark Smoke shield not included." The tinted visor is not included in the delivery package and must be purchased separately. The difference in the price of a helmet + visor is about 1 thousand rubles, while You will not have a guarantee, waiting for more than 2 weeks and there will not be all other guarantees (
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 31/10/2019, 22:52
    The cute helmet of my dreams. In my opinion, solely women or for those who do not take into clubs. My husband promised to buy at the end of motor school
  • in Москвы 26/09/2019, 10:30
    Helmet is cool. Glasses are very helpful from the sun. Food and do not feel discomfort. Nice inside. I ride in it for 3 weeks and kaef
  • in Москвы 25/09/2019, 19:22
    Nice helmet. It is his wife who periodically shows me in instagram where he shows her fc-moto . But I while the toad smothers , it is still rapid Ls2 is not informed.
  • Excellent
    in Москвы 18/09/2019, 21:52
    My long-awaited Airflite Synthwave! The appearance is simply fantastic, attracts attention! sound insulation is good, I really liked the ventilation. Convenient opening the visor. The review is impressionable. The weight is medium, not heavy. Compared to the Airmada Chantilly, this helmet sits a bit loose. The dimensions are the same XS. From cons, under crosswind, if a bit demolishes head)) Helmet fell with motorcycle and remained a small chip and a scratch( ayrmada fell, too,, but on it nor footprint) and still, usually under lining helmets icon goes obtyanutyy fabric udarogasyatsiy tier, but here simply lining and immediately this foamed polystyrene. It is a pity that the kit does not come with a spray for the visor and a branded napkin.
    well and are welcome additions...Yes, the helmet really glows in the dark (some details) thanks to the fluorescent paint, which is "charged" by the light)
    Отзыв №7345
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