For example,  visor for icon helmet
For example,  visor for icon helmet
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Мотоэкипировка в Великобритании

В нашем интернет-магазине вы найдете широкий выбор мотоэкипировки: мотошлемы, мотокуртки, мотоботы, мотоперчатки и многое другое. У нас вы можете купить качественную мотоэкипировку по доступным ценам. Доставка по Великобритании. Партнер Мото.
При выборе мотоэкипировки важно учитывать несколько факторов. В первую очередь, обратите внимание на безопасность. Мотошлем должен быть надежным и соответствовать стандартам безопасности. Мотокуртка должна обеспечивать защиту от ветра, дождя и ударов. Мотоботы должны быть комфортными и обеспечивать хорошую амортизацию. Мотоперчатки должны обеспечивать хорошую посадку и защиту рук. У нас вы найдете мотоэкипировку разных брендов и моделей. Выбирайте то, что подходит именно вам. Купите мотоэкипировку в Великобритании прямо сейчас и наслаждайтесь безопасной ездой на мотоцикле!
Frequently asked questions on Helmets
How do I choose a helmet size?

The first and only rule by which you can immediately understand your size or not – it should fit snugly at all points on the head (forehead, nape, cheeks). Fit snugly, but don't push. Open the visor, stand in the helmet for 2-3 minutes, if it sits tightly and does not create any pain – this is your size. Keep in mind that in the process of using the pillows a little crush and it will be a little freer. If you choose a helmet remotely, on the page with any motorcycle helmet, click "Find your size" and follow the size selection wizard. For online orders, returns and exchanges are also valid.

How reliable are the helmets you sell?
Absolutely all the helmets that we sell have passed the mandatory strict European certification according to the standard ECE22.05R, and ICON helmets meet simultaneously 4 safety standards (DOT FMVSS 218-USA, ECE 22-05 – Europe, SAI AS1698 – Australia and PSC – Japan), which indicates their exceptional reliability. Certified helmet, will not split in half and most effectively disperse the impact and protect.
Why I have the size of the one, and all helmets sit on ways?
The fact that the reference patterns of all manufacturers are different. The same size index, for example M, from different manufacturers may have a different fit. Moreover, different manufacturers produce helmets for different markets and different head shapes. Therefore, when buying a new helmet, do not be guided only by the size of the previous helmet of another brand. Always measure your head in centimeters and select according to the manufacturer's size table. Master size selection on our website will help.
What type of helmet clasp is better?
There are two types of fasteners: ratchet and 2D ring. 2D ring is considered the most reliable, because it can not unbutton itself in an emergency, only this type of fasteners on helmets has access to professional competitions and Championships.
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