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One of the main conditions for safe riding a motorcycle - is the comfort on the road. It is necessary to be absolutely sure of reliability of the motor equipment, its convenience and safety. Particular attention should be paid to motorbikes, because the legs become one of the most vulnerable parts of the body in falls or collisions. Motorbikes sew on a special cut, which allows you not to feel constrained during the trip and does not limit the movement of the rider. 

Because of the specific posture of the biker behind the wheel, you should not neglect this attribute motoekipirovki: ordinary jeans or pants, not designed with a special pose on a motorcycle, will greatly restrict movement, put pressure on the abdomen and restrict movement, causing discomfort.  In addition, the motobruck has one specific feature-protective inserts that significantly soften the fall and protect the body of the rider from injuries and abrasions during collisions and accidents. 

What are the types of motorbikes?

The famous American brand of motorcycle equipment ICON produces a large collection of professional pants for bikers. In General, the equipment there are following types of motoblok:

  • textile-pants made of lightweight and durable natural material that provide excellent ventilation than ideal for the summer season. Pants elastic due to the elements of elastane in the fabric, sit clearly on the figure and have a stylish look
  • leather is a classic. Most are aware of bikers in leather motorcycle gear. It perfectly protects the body from bruises, does not RUB when sliding on asphalt, fits the body well and gives complete freedom of action
  • denim-this kind of motobruck is a completely new modern and youth phenomenon: they are sewn from high-quality jeans and have special pockets for protective tabs.

What does Partner-Moto store offer?

Buy pants Icon and equipment from this brand in Krasnodar, you can in our online store. Although motorbikes, like any other biker accessory, is quite expensive, on our website there are always special offers and discounts. They can be found in the relevant section, or check with the consultants.

To their help, you can also turn, if you are not so long ago sitting behind the wheel of a motorcycle or do not quite clearly understand what is right for you specifically. To do this, call the specified phone number or order a callback service.

without days mon-sun 11: 00-21:00