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Motorcycle pants

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Even in hot summer weather, it's hard to imagine a biker in shorts or sweatpants. If in the cold season, it is easy to recognize a motorcyclist by the leather jacket, then in the summer, Moto pants will be a characteristic attribute. In our online store, you can buy motorcycle pants in Moscow at a discount, on the order or on the promotion.

How to choose motorcycle pants

In the catalog on the Partner-Moto website, a wide range of motorbikes is presented. They differ not only in price, but also in other important characteristics. And you can choose men's, women's and children's models. If a product is not available, you can order it separately. To choose the best Moto pants, you should understand the features of each variety.

Types of motorcycle pants:

  1. Leather motorcycle pants come with or without protection. This waterproof wear-resistant product is ideal for long-distance trips. When choosing, pay attention to the elasticity of the skin and its thickness. Motocross pants may have plastic protection on the knees. To prevent the greenhouse effect, perforation is specially provided in some areas.
  2. Textile trousers are made of Cordura or nylon. These lightweight and durable summer pants are suitable for Enduro and other models. The colors can be very diverse, from camouflage fabric to khaki and black textiles. Some models have additional plastic inserts, micro perforations for protection from the greenhouse effect, impregnation and a moisture-proof membrane.
  3. Leather cross-country motorcycle boots can have colors for camouflage or be plain. For their sewing, they take a thinner and more elastic skin, so they are more comfortable to wear and sit better. However, this version comes without plastic protection, so it is suitable for the city and low speeds. Moto jeans can be worn by women. They are also used as a tourist and everyday wardrobe item.
  4. Cross-country textile motorcycle jeans are sewn from Kevlar, Cordura and nylon. The best models are made of different materials, which is important for practicality, wear resistance and convenience. Textile models are more comfortable to fit. They are sewn with soft protection, but without a moisture barrier.
  5. Moisture-resistant trousers are designed to protect ordinary trousers from moisture. They are usually worn over everyday clothing. For manufacturing, use a rubberized fabric or a material with an oilcloth coating. Reflective strips are usually sewn onto the surface.

Advantages of our online store

On the Partner-Moto website, customers have the opportunity to purchase motorcycle equipment inexpensively. In the size grid, it is easy to select the desired size. Regular customers receive favorable discounts, and new visitors can take advantage of promotional offers.

Advantages of the store:

  • a wide range of products from different manufacturers;
  • reasonable price;
  • promotions and sales are held regularly;
  • consultation of qualified sellers;
  • you can buy a product to order;
  • speed of service;
  • discounts for regular customers.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales consultants. They will help you choose the right model of pants and size. You can try out your favorite products in our sales area, which is located at the address indicated at the end of the page.

Frequently asked questions on Motorcycle pants
How to choose the right size of pants?

The belt pick up as comfortable with the wearing of additional protection (motor shorts or hip protection).

When landing on the motorcycle end of the leg should not open leg. Motorcycle pants should be longer than civilian pants.

How best to wear knee pads? Over or under your pants?
Proper wearing knee pads is to eliminate the cranking protection around the knee, so they are better to wear under pants.
Will I be protected in regular jeans + knee pads?

Denim pants can be made of jeans with a strand of Kevlar/aramid/Cordura or panels of these tissues in areas of wear. Cut pants provides features landing on a motorcycle (ventilation, stretch inserts, length, high waist shelf, depth of pockets, the width of the pants for the use of knee pads).

Most motorcycle jeans come with protective inserts on the knees and / or hips.

Than motorini differ from civilian?

Motorini are not only protecting the knees, as it may seem at first glance. Motorcycle jeans have a set of characteristics that take into account their use on a motorcycle:

  • they are composed of Kevlar, which protects against abrasion
  • knee pads and thigh protection (optional)
  • special cut, taking into account the landing on a motorcycle with the closure of the Shin
  • some models have additional pockets with more convenient access
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