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Children's gloves

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Children's motorcycle gloves – another important element of safety. Without them, you can not go on the road. As statistics show, accidents on the roads a lot. Therefore, no wonder they say: "take Care of God." It is better to take care of the purchase of children's gloves for the motorcycle. Spend time, money and choose the best thing for your child.

Before you buy children's gloves recommend that you familiarize yourself with their main types. You will learn what they are, how to choose the best of the options, which indicators should pay attention to?

What are the gloves?


  • Summer-most often made of thin leather, they go without lining, almost no protection from water. They come with and without fingers.
  • Winter-made of stronger materials with insulation to keep your hands warm in the cold, sleet. Such gloves must be waterproof. Otherwise they will be useless on the road.
  • Motor gloves for rain-have the form of a protective coating of plastic. Their minus - they slip at management. Their plus-price. They're cheap.

On materials:

  • The textile is made of synthetic materials that retain heat well. These gloves have a stylish design. Carbon, Kevlar, plastic, metal and other synthetic materials are commonly used for their manufacture. Here you can choose a model in any color, style and style. Motor gloves from textiles do not lose color, unlike leather, do not get wet. Resistant to abrasion, they are hard to damage.
  • Leather motor gloves for children, which are possible to buy in our online store motorcycle equipment "Partner-Moto" inexpensive.

Preferential features of leather gloves

  • Are sold in different variations color of and length, thickness.
  • Soft, easy to repair, last longer.
  • Comfortable, provide reliable protection.
  • Protect hands in windy weather.

What to look for when choosing gloves

  • The presence of cuffs. If you need to choose warm gloves, see that they have cuffs that will protect you in the cold.
  • Gloves must be waterproof. Since wet hands uncomfortable to drive a motorcycle on the road.
  • The strength of the seams. After all, how well will be stitched gloves-will depend on their further functionality and reliability. Agree that there is no use of expensive material when the seams are torn and leak water.
  • The presence of lining. Well, if you can take out the lining and wash it.
  • Find out if there are straps for gloves. Because they increase the level of comfort. The belt guarantees the correct position of the gloves, all the necessary pads will always be in place.
  • Correct size. Matched correctly and in size gloves, will never restrain movements. A wrong size, on the contrary, will bring discomfort while driving a motorcycle. Also, do not choose a small size gloves, as they will irritate your fingers.

Determine the correct size of children's gloves will help the size chart.

  • Children's gloves should protect your hands from bad weather. Ideally, if you have, for every season there is a relevant pair of gloves. Since gloves, selected for the season, will get rid of many problems (chapping, cold, frost) and will save fingers from bruises.

Where can I buy cheap children's pants in Moscow?

To buy children's motor gloves in Moscow inexpensively it is possible our online shop of motor equipment "the Partner-Moto". In our store you will find a large selection of branded motorcycle equipment for children and adults. More detailed prices can be found in the catalog of products on the website.

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The main advantages of buying motorcycle equipment in our store " Patner-Moto»

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