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Children's Motorcycle Gear in Moscow, UK

Looking for high-quality children's motorcycle gear? Look no further than our selection of kids motorcycle helmets, youth motorcycle jackets, and other protective gear for kids. Our products are designed to keep your child safe and comfortable while riding. Whether you're looking for a new helmet or a complete set of gear, we have everything you need to get started. Shop now and enjoy fast, reliable shipping to Moscow and beyond!

 For a motorcyclist of any age the most important thing is safety. Therefore, it is especially important for the youngest riders to choose the right motorcycle equipment. The Partner-Moto online store offers a wide choice of children's motor equipment from the known brands.

How to choose the right motorcycle equipment for children

If parents are fond of motorcycle racing, very often children become not only observers, but also active participants. Motoekipirovka necessarily necessary if you take your child as a passenger, not to mention those cases when the child begins to master the skills of transport management. Motocross is an active sport that is able to cultivate strong-willed qualities, develops the speed of reaction, and just gives new impressions.

Riding a motorcycle for young children is always accompanied by a high risk of falling and injury, even if the child is going to ride near the house. In this case, do not neglect the rules of personal safety, but first of all you should protect your child – the use of children's equipment for motorcyclists will avoid serious injuries, soften the blows and protect from negative consequences.

The main function of motor equipment for children is a high-quality protection at the maximum convenience for the child. Therefore, it is very important that the equipment is purchased for a particular user to fully comply with all sizes and the child feels comfortable. It is not recommended to use the elements of motor equipment for adults, as large sizes will not fit tightly enough to the body, which is unacceptable in this sport.

Children's equipment consists of the following elements:

  • jumpsuit or motorcycle jacket;
  • motorcycle helmet;
  • boots;
  • top cover;
  • gloves;
  • goggles.

Among the optional items are: a protective mask, raincoat, Balaclava, thermal underwear, a protective device made of hard material for the back and neck.

The best choice is a children's motorcycle equipment made of leather, this outfit looks stylish, will provide quality protection and will last a long period. For the summer season it is better to choose a motorcycle equipment with perforation, which will ensure proper ventilation.

Requirements for children's equipment

Equipment for children should perform the following functions:

  • provide high-quality protection against shocks during the fall;
  • protection from wind, noise, moisture and cold;
  • to balance the aerodynamics;
  • to provide comfort and convenience during sports activities.

When choosing a motorcycle equipment should pay attention to the quality of products, because such clothing is obliged to soften the blows, and in case of danger – to save the life of a child. Protective elements must have a high level of rigidity, so that during the fall the most vulnerable places remain without damage. First of all it concerns the protection of the back, neck, face.

For convenience, the equipment for the ATV is made in the form of a separate jumpsuit, for karting equipment has the form of a suit in which it is possible to connect the jacket and pants. The helmet should provide reliable protection of the head, while creating high-quality noise insulation. When choosing a helmet, you should pay attention not only to the material of the product, but also to the size. The helmet should fit is located on the head and not fly off when driving.

In addition, pay attention to the weight of the equipment. For children, these products are produced in a lightweight version, compared to adult clothing. Light weight is a mandatory characteristic of the equipment, because under the influence of heavy clothing and a helmet, the child's muscles will get tired and hurt faster.

Buy children's motorcycle equipment in Moscow

The online store of children's motorcycle equipment "Partner-Moto" offers a wide choice of qualitative and reliable equipment for young motorcycle racers. Buy motorcycle equipment for children in Moscow on the company's website. In the sections of the catalog presents the entire range of necessary items of equipment-jackets, overalls, pants, shoes, helmets, protective pads. The photo shows high-quality photos of products, so it is enough to specify the desired model and choose the right size to make a purchase.

In the online store Motoekipirovki presented clothing and accessories from famous brands-Thor, Moose, LS2, Kenny, which are made by modern technology and meet all the requirements for equipment for children. Buy children's motorcycle equipment in Moscow can be at affordable prices with delivery in the Moscow region and throughout Russia. Managers of the company provide consultations, will help to pick up necessary clothes, footwear, reliable protection for your child. Stylish equipment for children from "Partner-Moto" will allow you to get a lot of pleasure and positive emotions from riding motorcycles.

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