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Motorboats (motor shoes)

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A good motorbike is the pride of the owner and the envy of his friends. But in addition to transport, you need equipment: gloves, jackets, helmets and motorcycle boots to buy in Moscow offers an online store Excellent quality, a large selection of different models, affordable price – the main advantages of choosing.

Motorcycle shoes are special shoes designed for riding motorcycles. The main difference from ordinary shoes is a strong construction with rigid inserts and the most thoughtful protection. In our online store, you can buy Motorboats that will ensure the safety of driving at high speeds, securely fix the leg and protect the ankle from bumps, bruises and injuries when falling.

Types and differences of models of shoes for motorcycle

In the catalog there are several varieties of motorcycle boots. Each model has its own advantages, carries a certain load and provides maximum protection:

  1. Moto boots for the city. Motobots are designed to resemble ordinary shoes for everyday wear, while they are equipped with strong and rigid internal inserts. The protective function is low, but sufficient for movement on good urban roads.
  2. Tourist. The models are designed for long trips on different routes, including off-road, so they are supplemented with rigid protective inserts, toe and heel seals. Online store offers to buy Motorboats in Moscow for tourism cheap. The price does not affect the quality, it remains impeccable, and the stylish look of the models will only emphasize the status of the owner of the motorcycle.
  3. Cross. Moto shoes for motocross are durable boots with anti-shock properties, waterproof and equipped with rigid inserts. Plastic elements and clamps make the shoes look like ski boots and guarantee the same high degree of protection for the biker's foot and ankle. In such Motorboats, it is convenient to ride on smooth roads, off-road and virgin land, a special heel provides a strong grip on the footboard, which increases the safety of the rider.
  4. Sports. Buying Motorboats in Moscow for a pit bike, a sports bike, the owner gets high-quality shoes in which you can conquer any tracks and win sports competitions. In the ankle zone, Motorboats have a special angle of inclination, models are supplemented with plastic protection for a spectacular low tilt to the asphalt of the motorcycle track on turns.

Features of choosing and ordering Motorboats in Moscow

Order and buy Motorboats in Moscow in the online store takes a couple of minutes. A few expert tips will help you with your choice:

  • To determine the operating conditions and seasonality. The catalog contains high, short, summer and winter versions of Moto shoes, as well as men's, women's, children's shoes for driving on the track, off-road, etc.
  • Choose the right size. The value is not only the standard size of the foot, but also its width, fullness, and volume of the lower leg.
  • Determine the price. Our online store offers to buy the best Motorboats in Moscow from reliable manufacturers at an affordable price. The investment will pay off with long-term operation and perfect foot protection.

It is not necessary to take Motorboats for chopper, for Enduro "for growth", shoes do not wear out and should sit tightly on the leg, without squeezing the foot, but without leaving a margin for maneuver. Only such Motorboats guarantee a strong grip on the footboard and maximum safety of the rider.

Read customer reviews on the site, choose models and order Motorboats in Moscow in any convenient way:

  • by calling the phone number listed on the site;
  • after ordering the "call back" service, the Manager will call back within 10 minutes;
  • by filling out the feedback form.

Payment and delivery terms are negotiated individually with each buyer.

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