For example,  thermal underware
For example,  thermal underware
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  • in Коломны 29/07/2021, 14:19
    I found just 3 days before leaving for a trip a very necessary thing for me - a STARKs thermal jacket with wind protection. I myself do not live in Moscow and it was possible to get it quickly only by a transport company. And it was necessary to immediately send it directly by urgent delivery in order to have time.
    And out of several stores, only here, in PartnerMoto, the employees were very sympathetic and attentive. They were quickly processed and sent.
    As a result, I leave for dalnyak "dressed" and ready for bad weather, having received the parcel already the day BEFORE.
    Many thanks to the manager Mikhail, who accepted the order, and Yulia, who quickly issued and sent it to me.
    Guys, you are the best!!!))) Thank you very much))
    Separately, a hug for a delicious treat))
  • So-so
    in Санкт-Петербурга 01/06/2021, 13:44
    I ordered a visor and pants in another city. The visor was sent the wrong one, I made a return of the TC and the pants did not fit. Refund for the second day I am waiting for some kind of assessment and when I am asked to approve the refund, I constantly have to call and shake them. In general, they will score on you if you fail the first time. So you will then beg for your money. Be careful with the order to another city.
  • 01/06/2021, 15:11
    Hello. Konstantin, we can't give up on you, because we work officially and comply with the law on consumer protection. Please be patient and wait for the refund to be processed. Apparently, you see that the refund was received at the PVZ or handed over and begin to worry. After delivery, it falls to our warehouse and there it is processed in turn, checked and returned. This usually takes a few days, rather than immediately on the day of delivery. Communication on refunds is made exclusively through the customer support system (link in the lower menu), and not by phone.
  • 01/04/2021, 22:07
    In the kit for the QB-1 helmet, I took the icon_pursuit gloves, - they also fit the size?Excellent, - the quality is excellent, the seams are all smooth, they sit perfectly on the hand? ? ?you can immediately see a good quality thing)) I am completely satisfied with the purchase,-the store is good, - I recommend it to everyone, - the price-quality is at the level of ? ? ?
    Отзыв №8846
  • 01/04/2021, 21:54
    I bought a QB-1 helmet and two visors for it)- size one?in one, - sat perfectly! There were no problems with the design or delivery) everything was well packed. Thanks!!! partner-moto
    Отзыв №8845
  • I bought a set of motocross equipment the other day. Now, due to the self-isolation mode, it is quite problematic to choose equipment without fitting, but the polite and competent Manager Svetlana provided all the necessary information and sent additional measurements at my request, as a result, everything went perfectly. And the best part is that she told me how to get an additional discount) As a result, I was very satisfied, I definitely recommend it!
    Feedback for Светланы
  • I bought a lock with a siren on the brake disc. The price is the most adequate. Fast and friendly ordering over the phone. Fast delivery to St. Petersburg. According to the product-the thing is cool, works perfectly, the sound is loud, the quality is excellent. Surprise - a small bonus in the box). Thanks to the store. I will apply again.
    Feedback for Светланы
  • Well consulted and comfortably purchased a jacket with the participation of George
    Feedback for Георгия
  • Many thanks for the competent selection of the helmet!
    Feedback for Георгия
  • The store is super! Ordered a lock on the wheel disk. Much cheaper than competitors. Sent from Moscow to St. Petersburg in two days. They also put a Snickers with a sticker on it. And I am happy and the children who opened the parcel are very happy. Thanks. Recommend.
    Feedback for Светланы
  • 19/01/2020, 15:18
    I liked everything. Friendly and responsive consultant, knows the range of the store well!
    Feedback for Георгия
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