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For example,  black matte helmet
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Icon Airflite Rubatone motorcycle helmet

Item code: 592135
Price 366.00 €
In stock a few Stock updated 17 minutes ago
  • Kantemirovskaya
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91 assessment
Brand: Icon
Brand country:
Features солнечные очки
In Russia and the CIS:
from 350 rubles. Inspection of the goods before shipment, reliable packaging and insurance. 2-12 day / days

The perfect darkness of an anti-space void, Airflite Rubatone has found a "silence is louder than bombs"approach. Less graphics, more matte black is the dark depth of your mind on the outside of your head. Comes with a transparent visor. Tinted sold separately.

World standard
Complies with international safety standards DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe) and PSC (Japan). PSC certification stickers are attached only in the case of purchase from an authorized dealer in this country.

The helmet comes with a built-in DropShield sun visor and a quick-to-replace fog-free FliteShield clear visor.

Interior decoration
Removable quick-drying HydraDry lining.

Rugged molded shell made of polycarbonate.

The most common form of helmet is intermediate-oval-slightly shorter from front to back and slightly wider on the sides.

4 vents, including a vent in the chin area, like those of motocross helmets, and 2 vents connected by deep channels in the interior of the helmet, which provide better cooling.

The medium-reduced profile of the shell helps to reduce the overall weight in accordance with the exclusive international standard ICON and at the same time suits your riding style.


  • Rugged molded shell made of polycarbonate
  • Numerous large ventilation ducts
  • Internal sun visor and quick-release main visor with anti-fog protection
  • Removable side plates
  • Cast air deflector
  • Chin blind
  • Removable quick-drying Hydradry lining
  • Built-in dual-channel cooling system
  • Meets or exceeds the following global safety standards: DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and PSC (Japan). SAI or SG certification stickers are attached only in case of purchase from an authorized dealer in this country.

Примечание для покупателей:

Визор (забрало) идущий в комплекте с мотошлемом или приобретаемый отдельно – это специальный защитный элемент мотошлема со сложным химическим составом, способствующим безопасности и комфорту во время движения на мотоцикле. Заводская пленка, в которую он упакован, защищает поверхность визора от повреждений при его транспортировке и хранении до начала эксплуатации, сохраняя надлежащий его товарный вид и потребительские свойства. Не рекомендуется снимать или повреждать заводскую пленку визора мотошлема до принятия уверенного решения о его приобретении. Заводская упаковка – составляющая первоначального вида.

Инструкция по уходу за визором: смочить микрофибру в теплой воде, накрыть визор, через 3 минуты аккуратно смыть под струей воды и оставить высыхать. При необходимости протереть рукой с мыльным раствором и смыть под струей воды. На внутреннюю сторону визора не наносить очищающие средства и не протирать, во избежании повреждения антифог покрытия. Допускает использование специальных чистящих средств, не нарушающих покрытие визора, только на внешней стороне. Перед применением проверяйте средство на незначительном участке поверхности. Магазин не несет ответственности за применение химических средств.

Цвет товара может незначительно отличаться т.к. фотосъемка изделия выполнена в студийных условиях при специальном освещении. Производитель может незначительно менять оттенок или незначительные элементы дизайна на свое усмотрение в зависимости от партии без предварительного уведомления.

В целях обеспечения гигиены шлем можно примерять только в подшлемнике. Это касается примерки при доставке и в магазине. Возьмите с собой подшлемник или приобретите в магазине по специальной цене. Одноразовые шапочки не закрывают всю площадь лица, поэтому мы их не используем.

Manufacturer Icon
Color черный матовый, rubatone
Material поликарбонат
Gender мужской, женский, унисекс
Season летние
Certification standard DOT FMVSS 218 (США), ECE 22-05 (Европа), PSC (Япония)
Features солнечные очки
Model name Icon Airflite мотошлем
Motorcycle helmets
Type of clasp с D - образными кольцами
Type of helmet интеграл
Helmet Weight 1690
The number of cases in the model 3
Helmet Interior HydraDry гипоаллергенный быстросохнущий съемный
Preparing for the headset да
Number of ventilation ports 6
Chin blind included да
Care instructions Ручная стирка (кроме кожи), специализированная химчистка, подробная инструкция на этикетке.
Warranty period 30 дней
Brand country США
Где купить «Icon Airflite Rubatone motorcycle helmet»
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+7 (931) 105-07-97 11:00-21:00 ежедневно
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Customer reviews
46 reviews
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  • in Москвы 08/01/2023, 19:08
    Great helmet. It sits well, the lining is not wrinkled. Good wide view. Built-in glasses are available, with a good convenient mechanism. The ventilation is excellent. It looks so chic to me. Of the minuses, the fact that the visor is not included under the pinlock, it sweats during the rain. It will not work to put the headset and camera on the side on a regular mount with a clip, the shockproof material interferes. So they only have to be glued.
    As for the noise, alas, there is nothing to compare with. But the fact that he is noisy, you can't really say.
  • in Сургута 19/07/2022, 22:22
    Shitty mirror visor, bought two, peeled off from the inside for half a season.
  • 20/07/2022, 3:35
    Hello. On the inside there is antifog spraying from fogging. Proper care is important for the visor, otherwise wiping the visor from the inside is not according to the instructions, you can erase this coating
  • in Благовещенска 17/07/2022, 14:02
    I really liked the helmet!!! The visor is just a bomb! At first I thought that the clasp would be uncomfortable, but I got the hang of it) 🔥🔥🔥
  • Excellent
    in Дмитрова 16/04/2022, 13:42
    Good afternoon, ordered 14.04, picked up already 16.04, delivered very quickly and without damage, ordered an additional mirror gold visor, there are small scratches on the visor, they are not visible if you do not look closely, but it's okay, deprived of candy :), The helmet is very good, sits tight, is put on without any discomfort, and that's when you start taking it off, it throws you into a sweat, I took L for my 59 cm, but I think next time I'll order XL, the separation of the ears when removing is solved by a balaclava, a decent helmet, I really liked it
    Отзыв №9526
  • 16/04/2022, 14:05
    Thanks for the feedback! There was some misunderstanding with the sweets. We are already looking into this. Probably the packer got distracted and forgot. Do not hesitate to mention this in the comments at the next order, we will fill it for the last and for the new order)
  • in Минска 21/02/2022, 19:15 Verified buyer
    As everyone recommends, take a bigger size - you will not lose.
    The ears really tear off when taking off (yes, even in a balaclava 😁).
    I drove to Minsk for 5 days.
    On the Internet, you can often find reviews that the visor sweats. And pinlocks are not provided. I was worried about it most of all, because a helmet without a pinlock is a waste of money)
    But so far everything is fine, the miracle coating is working. For half an hour I walked around the apartment with my visor closed and breathed furiously - I didn't fog up. Ventilation is good and in motion should be generally ok. In short, beauty, satisfied.
    We are waiting for the appearance of silver and gold mirror visors :)
    Отзыв №9469
  • 21/02/2022, 23:29
    Thank you for your detailed feedback. Pinlocks are provided for this model, it is necessary to install a visor with preparation for a pinlock.
  • in Новосибирска 10/01/2022, 16:45 Verified buyer
    it looks at least unusual, for me and for you, since you entered the product card, the design is attractive. it feels like softtach plastic, cool

    the visor changes quickly, if it were possible to change without removing the plugs, it would be fire at all, but they are also removed quite easily and quickly, so it's still for replacing the visor 5.

    about the size.
    he took 56.5 S on his head, sits tight, does not yool. in the future, I think the filler will stick and it will be quite good.
    the disadvantage of this size is that the places for the headset speakers are not quite in their places. just behind the ear. it's not really critical, but if you like to ride with music, it's better to either try it on, or if you have the same size of the head circumference, then take a bigger size.
  • in Екатеринбурга 14/08/2021, 11:42
    I ordered this helmet and a silver visor for it. The parcel arrived in 4 days at the Ecb, everything is safe and sound, packed well)
    The process of putting on/taking off is still difficult, but it is very comfortable in the helmet itself! And how it looks is generally decadence, it is a luxury on the verge of ruin.
    Well, with a transparent visor, of course, not that coat)
    Комментарий №9224
  • in Казани 21/05/2021, 14:28 Verified buyer
    I ordered it on May 17, the order arrived in Kazan on the 21st, I think it was very fast.
    Arrived safe and sound,
    Комментарий №8960
  • in Люберц 28/04/2021, 14:43
    After 3 months, I finally got this helmet :) And it was worth it.
    According to the classics, it is difficult to put on and take off (the balaclava solves this issue), but HOW comfortable it is in it. The break with integrals was 8 seasons, after the modules and, especially, the open helmets, the sound insulation was amazing - very cool. And it is very light, despite the size.
    Thank you to the store for tolerating my constant questions about the speed of delivery. And ICON thank you for making such a wonderful helmet. Stylish, comfortable, safe.
  • in Москвы 26/02/2021, 8:41
    As soon as I saw this helmet in the Icon Motorsport Ad, I immediately decided that I would have it! The design is just a breakthrough! The exterior is not like anything else, there is nothing to confuse it with. The size must be measured beforehand. Since I fit the XXL perfectly even though I usually wear an L helmet. So come to the guys for a fitting or ask them to send you the exact dimensions. Without this, you can easily make a mistake with the size. Otherwise, everything was very pleasant. The review is the best of all. With colored visors, the view becomes simply bomb-like. But it should be borne in mind that it is very difficult to drive with such a car at night. Without strong highway lighting, visibility is poor. Also, personally, after frequent maximum closing of the visor, I still have scuffs on the lower part of the helmet. Apparently it was in the first batches of the model. Since after I bought the same helmet line Ghost and everything is fine. I think this helmet is the most noticeable, safe to sew and review, stylish and comfortable for your money!
    Отзыв №8783
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