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Icon 1000 MH1000 motorcycle jeans

Item code: 592890
14 assessments
Brand: Icon
Brand country:
Features внешний карман для защиты
In Russia and the CIS:
from 350 rubles. Inspection of the goods before shipment, reliable packaging and insurance. 2-12 day / days

Motojinsy MN1000 created for unassuming motorcyclists who love to ride comfortably all day. Made from stretchy CORDURA denim that retains the authentic look and feel of cotton jeans, but with added abrasion resistance. These Moto jeans are difficult to distinguish from regular jeans in casual style, despite the aramid fibers in the knees and three-position protection of the knees and hips D3O. Loose fit provides maximum mobility, so in these jeans you will be comfortable not only to ride but also to walk.


Free cut line 1000


Cordura Denim


Removable knee protection D3O certified according to EN 1621-1: 2012

Peculiar properties

The knees are reinforced with aramid fibers

Metal zippers YKK

Manufacturer Icon
Color синий
Material текстиль
Gender мужской
Season летние
Built-in protection колени и бедра
The material of the protective elements D3O
Features внешний карман для защиты
Care instructions Ручная стирка (кроме кожи), специализированная химчистка, подробная инструкция на этикетке.
Warranty period 30 дней
Brand country США
Где купить «Icon 1000 MH1000 motorcycle jeans»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
+7 (931) 105-07-97 11:00-21:00 ежедневно
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  • size: 28 Out of stock
  • size: 30 Out of stock
  • size: 32 Out of stock
  • size: 34 Out of stock
  • size: 36 Out of stock
  • size: 38 Out of stock
  • size: 40 Out of stock
  • size: 42 Out of stock
  • size: 44 Out of stock
11:00-21:00 ежедневно
Customer reviews
7 reviews
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  • in Москвы 23/12/2022, 7:42
    Jeans top, premium quality. They fit perfectly!
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 30/09/2021, 20:58
    Very comfortable, the cut is quite loose. Extremely similar in style to 501 levis. The zipper of the protection pocket is surprisingly strong, which I did not expect from it in any way
  • 11/05/2021, 12:27
    The jeans are not bad and pleased with the quality of performance and the manufacturer's attention to detail. I wear them together with the Icon shorts (long johns) - for me this is the best combination.

    1. inserts on the sides - I have not seen this from any other manufacturer from those that I measured in the store.
    2. Knee protection-extremely comfortable pockets - you can pull out the protection and work in the office all day in these jeans.
    3. The cherry on the cake: reflective stripes on the" doorways " of the pants. A trifle, but it is immediately clear that the manufacturer thinks about the safety of the buyer.

    Minus: maybe I don't put the knee pads in the pockets correctly, but sometimes they are when walking. When I sit on the mot, they are in their places.
  • in Бишкека 14/01/2021, 17:12
    I really liked the model! Very high quality, comfortable! The protection does not interfere and does not hinder movement, besides it is removable and easy to install! They are well suited when you go directly to work from a motorcycle and there is no opportunity to change clothes. The size is fully consistent, not small. Solid five!
  • in Курска 17/05/2020, 19:52
    Comfortable, do not restrict movement, very high-quality jeans, but in addition to Kevlar and other bells and whistles, I liked one thing, namely the removable protection of the knees and thighs. I took out the d3o protection inserts and left them in the garage. Now I get to the garage and back home as in normal jeans, and when I get on the bike I put them back, it only takes a minute, I thought it was very convenient. Cool pants!
    Отзыв №8159 Отзыв №8159
  • 01/03/2020, 19:42
    Quality jeans, comfortable! Visually, they practically do not differ from the civilian version and go size to size! Not small!
  • in Москвы 25/10/2019, 20:33
    Look great, it fits into civilian clothes, durable, not too hot in the summer, and in the off-season is not cold.

    Fell into them with 70 km / h after an accident. Pants, of course, a write-off, but defended on all hundred, arose and went to curse the box man.
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