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Phone case for steering wheel Prime Line 3.8"-4.7"

Item code: 583478
12.03 € –47%
Price 6.38 €
  • Kantemirovskaya
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5 assessments
Status: In stock a lot Stock updated 4 minutes ago
Brand: PrimeLine
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
from 350 rubles. Inspection of the goods before shipment, reliable packaging and insurance. 2-12 day / days
  • Internal dimensions: 138x70x18 mm (measure Your phone with a ruler, it should not be larger than these dimensions)
  • Protects against water and dust. 
  • Does not impair the sensitivity of the touch screen. The screen works through the case.
  • It has a vibration damping system.
  • There is a possibility of rotation
  • Your device 360°
  • There is a possibility 
  • connect to your headset. 
  • Depth adjustment: 3-18 mm
  • Materials: ABS plastic, PU
  • Smartphones and GPS Navigator with a screen diagonal of 3.8"-4.7"
Manufacturer PrimeLine
Color черный
Warranty period 30 дней
Где купить «Phone case for steering wheel Prime Line 3.8"-4.7"»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
+7 (931) 105-07-97 11:00-21:00 ежедневно
  • In stock a lot Stock updated 4 minutes ago
  • Out of stock
11:00-21:00 ежедневно
Customer reviews
3 reviews
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  • in Перми 10/06/2019, 17:15
    7 iPhone will climb?
  • 10/06/2019, 17:45
  • in Москвы 30/04/2018, 15:59
    Good holder with strong mounting on the steering wheel. Good tightness. Excellent phone response through protective film. Plus that you do not need to Unscrew the mount when you need to remove the phone convenient fixation. Convenient swivel mechanism.
  • in Москвы 07/03/2018, 22:24
    Normal holder for the phone.
    Bought because it is waterproof, but the protective film is touch and therefore you can use the smartphone without taking it out of the case and without removing the gloves (if they themselves are also sensitive, of course).
    I have a smartphone 140x70 mm, this case has these dimensions a little less (138x70) - nevertheless, the smartphone fits. The depth is too deep, but it can be adjusted with additional inserts of foam.
    Securely attached to the steering wheel, you can turn at a comfortable angle and then fix this position.
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