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Ordinary jeans or leather pants are not the best for riding a motorcycle. We offer you pants from icon.

Icon-a company that produces motorcycle equipment in the United States, has shown itself well among professionals and Amateurs. It is worth paying attention to motorcycle pants - it is not only stylish, but also a reliable item of clothing, which has protective inserts for the knees. Without them, your motorcycle equipment will not be reliable.

Motorcycle pants icon made with the use of modern achievements. They are comfortable, reliable, fit well. Motorcycle pants icon is made of different composition. In the store you can choose models from textiles, leather and textiles, jeans and Kevlar, and others.

You can buy in our online store. Free answer questions on the number on the site. For Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg with free shipping.

Take advantage of the discounted price and you will find a surprise gift when ordering!

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Motorcycle pants Icon has long been a welcome element of protection in the wardrobe of a biker. Brand icon is actually a legislator in the market of motorcycle equipment of America. It is this manufacturer that always follows the wishes of motorcyclists, carefully controls the quality of its products and, thanks to this, has gained great popularity.

Features pants for bikers Icon

As for the motorcycle pants, the equipment for motorcyclists Icon can offer three options:

  • Textile;
  • From natural leather;
  • Motorcycle jeans.

Let's consider each category. Textile pants are usually made of durable fabrics such as nylon and polyester or Cordura. Kevlar inserts are used to strengthen potentially hazardous areas. Kevlar is a carbon fiber fabric with high strength and tear resistance. Different straps allow you to adjust the pants to size, slightly pulling in the calves and waist.

Leather pants-style and utility

Pants made of genuine leather are very appreciated not only among bikers, but also among athletes. The leather from which such pants are made is very durable, and the protection in the area of the knees, hips and shins makes them ideal for athletes who prefer an aggressive driving style. And among other things, leather is a wear-resistant material. Leather pants ikon from "Partner-Moto" with delivery to Moscow and MO make it clear with a half-glance. The thickness of the material is beyond praise, the developers did not skimp on quality, knowing that it affects the life of a motorcyclist.

Motodzhinsy looks similar to our usual jeans and differ only in thickness, stiffness of the fabric and the presence of protective elements on the knees. In fact, the fabric base jeans woven Kevlar threads, which greatly increase the tensile strength and friction.

Online store motorcycle pants Icon offers a wide range of equipment, here you can buy pants as a separate product, and complete with a jacket. Jacket made from durable cowhide leather will perfectly complement your stylish look.

Where to buy with the greatest benefit?

Buy pants Icon in Moscow in the store "Partner-Moto" - ideal. Competitive price, competent consultants and service at the highest level-that's why you should choose us!

We remind you that the pants Icon discounts and sale, and this is a great opportunity to provide themselves with quality equipment for this or next season!

Frequently asked questions on Motorcycle pants
How to choose the right size of pants?

The belt pick up as comfortable with the wearing of additional protection (motor shorts or hip protection).

When landing on the motorcycle end of the leg should not open leg. Motorcycle pants should be longer than civilian pants.

How best to wear knee pads? Over or under your pants?
Proper wearing knee pads is to eliminate the cranking protection around the knee, so they are better to wear under pants.
Will I be protected in regular jeans + knee pads?

Denim pants can be made of jeans with a strand of Kevlar/aramid/Cordura or panels of these tissues in areas of wear. Cut pants provides features landing on a motorcycle (ventilation, stretch inserts, length, high waist shelf, depth of pockets, the width of the pants for the use of knee pads).

Most motorcycle jeans come with protective inserts on the knees and / or hips.

Than motorini differ from civilian?

Motorini are not only protecting the knees, as it may seem at first glance. Motorcycle jeans have a set of characteristics that take into account their use on a motorcycle:

  • they are composed of Kevlar, which protects against abrasion
  • knee pads and thigh protection (optional)
  • special cut, taking into account the landing on a motorcycle with the closure of the Shin
  • some models have additional pockets with more convenient access
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