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MadBull 7019K knee pads

Item code: 593489
47.03 € –3%
Price 45.62 €
In stock a few Stock updated 1 minute ago
6 assessments
Brand: MadBull
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
from 350 rubles. Inspection of the goods before shipment, reliable packaging and insurance. 3-13 day / days

Articulated knee pads with fixation on three straps with Velcro. The hinge elements are made of metal. The hinge allows you not only to sit on a motorcycle with comfort, but also to walk, prevents the joint from turning out when falling.

The flaps are made of polymer plastic, and the lining is made of moisture-wicking fabric.

Manufacturer The Madbull, Russia
Material textile
Gender male
Season summer
Type of protection kneepads
Care instructions Hand wash (except leather), specialized dry cleaning, detailed instructions on the label.
Brand country Dragonfly
Where to buy " MadBull 7019K knee pads»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
  • size: s-m In stock a few Stock updated 1 minute ago
  • size: l-xl Out of stock
  • size: s-m Out of stock
  • size: l-xl Out of stock
Customer reviews
2 reviews
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  • in Москвы 18/05/2021, 11:42
    I liked everything very much, the knee pads are great, the store is responsive, thank them so much for understanding, and everything else!)
    Комментарий №8952
  • in Актобе 30/01/2021, 21:56 Verified buyer
    The size table is not available on the site. Purchased the size L \ XL. I selected the following parameters: lower leg circumference 38 cm at the point from the middle of the kneecap 13 cm below the knee; hip circumference 47 cm at the point from the middle of the kneecap above 13 cm.Knee pads with three locking straps. On the lower part there is a nice material that pleasantly fits the calf muscle and fixes the knee pad quite well. The straps are stretchable with the ability to adjust the length. The plastic is soft, but it doesn't seem to break. Soft inner material, fastened with rivets, can be unfastened and washed. There are no inscriptions indicating the left and right, but even without this, it is intuitively clear on which leg to pull them. I once rode in the rain on the highway at night without knee pads (I just did not have them), the pleasure is not pleasant, my knees are frozen significantly. I do not wish such feelings to anyone. With the purchase of knee pads, I think I will not experience such displeasure anymore. And I'll be more relaxed about protecting my knees. I tried to put them under the motorcycle jeans (Mosu Boreas) removing the standard knee pads, but it turned out to be a stretch. And they look bulky in jeans (see the photo). Quite long, protect the lower leg. And by putting them in the motorboats, the protection is doubled. These are my first knee pads, and we will test them in the conditions of riding an iron horse when the season comes.
    Отзыв №8732 Отзыв №8732 Отзыв №8732 Отзыв №8732
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