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Icon Field Armor 3 protective vest black

Item code: 593600
479.73 € –16%
Price 402.97 €
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Brand: Icon
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When we first developed the Stryker vest, we didn't know that it would actually become the uniform of motorcycle racers around the world. We just designed protection for at-risk motorcyclists like you and us. After many years, it's time for an update, so we went back to the blueprints to Refine the classic and turn it into a Field Armor Vest. Vented bio-foam and mesh material are combined with a cast housing with vents, which allows you to feel comfortable in any weather. D3o chest and back protection is the best in the area of shock energy absorption. Elastic Velcro fasteners provide a perfect fit on any figure, and the small volume allows you to wear a vest under almost any jacket. We pay homage to our past by looking to our future. ICON is the future.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Cast plates
  • Back protection D3O Viper (EN 1621-2: 2014, Level 1)
  • Breast protection D3O LP1 (EN 1621-3 2018, Level 1, T-)
  • You can wear it under almost any jacket or jumpsuit
Manufacturer Icon, United States
Type of protection protective vests
Where to buy " Icon Field Armor 3 protective vest black»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
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Customer reviews
1 review
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  • in Санкт-Петербурга 30/09/2021, 22:01
    It differs favorably from the previous model in that the protection in the area of the shoulder blades and chest is much more capital, previously there were small shields
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