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For example,  black matte helmet
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Icon PDX 2 Hi-Viz motorcycle rain gear

Item code: 582705
164.29 € –21%
Price 129.79 €
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5 assessments
Brand: Icon
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Raincoat Icon PDX 2 Hi – Viz-a more advanced version of the already high-quality model PDX. Modifications affected the design and materials used, remained unchanged only corporate identity Icon and bright color. 2 PDX rain jacket Hi-Viz is almost completely sealed. The base is made of waterproof nylon, which at the same time passes the air, which is important, because without ventilation raincoat will be wet and cold. Seams and fasteners are rubberized and covered with water-repellent material. Pockets are also protected from water, even in strong winds and rain. In addition to the bright coloring, the PDX 2 Hi-Viz model is complemented by reflective elements in the form of corporate logos of Icon.

  • Improved version of PDX model;
  • The model has bright colors for maximum visibility in poor light;
  • Reflective elements in the form of corporate logos of Icon;
  • 2 PDX rain jacket Hi-Viz is almost completely sealed;
  • Waterproof nylon;
  • The base material provides ventilation and retains heat;
  • Rubberized seams and fasteners;
  • The pockets are protected from ingress of water;
  • Water-repellent zippers;
  • Elastic cuffs;
  • If necessary, the raincoat can be folded compactly and it will not take up much space.
Manufacturer Icon, United States
Season summer
Where to buy " Icon PDX 2 Hi-Viz motorcycle rain gear»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
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Customer reviews
3 reviews
  • in Москвы 30/09/2019, 10:20
    I can't call it a raincoat. From raincoats there are significant differences in everything, in the cut, in the pockets, in the materials and so on. More like a waterproof motorcycle jacket.
  • in Москвы 31/03/2019, 21:37
    A good raincoat, bought his for trips spring and autumn . In rain in not chilly , but in +15 touring difficult . A huge plus is a high collar and an elongated back, the color is just a bomb but it is very easy to get dirty ( it is also washed with a damp cloth with a Bang ) . The only drawback is little reflective strips .
  • in Москвы 10/03/2018, 10:47
    Classic, among the raincoats.
    No, not this model is a classic and no one will say that PDX 2 Hi-Viz became the ancestor of raincoats and, after a while, having survived a number of transformations remained on top.
    Just this raincoat fully takes into account all the criteria for a trip in the rain, well, except for the hood, no one knows why it is needed here. At all hood - this strange legacy from ordinary jackets. Yes, you get off the bike, take off your helmet, and while you pack all your things, you will stand in the hood. Doubt. If it rains outside, you'll come out in a helmet, and the hood will just hang out behind a dead weight.
    The jacket has a number of advantages:
    1) Material.
    Does not get wet and removes heat. From what getting off the bike, you do not feel like a chicken on the grill.
    2) Back.
    The back is longer than the front of the jacket!!! This is very important!!! My growth 188 centimeters and pick a a jacket on growth very it is difficult. Why constantly suffers from back Zadran back of jackets. There is no such problem
    3) Color.
    Never take raincoats dark, gray colors. You and so not in sight, you go on a motorcycle, with one damn headlight, and grapple conspicuous color turn signal. Bright green color will be better seen in the mirrors of motorists. Take this into account. At the end of the day, this is the moment when everyone doesn't care about your unique style and jacket for half a year if you just don't get seen when you change into your strip.
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