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AXXIS FF112C Draken'S Parrot Motorcycle helmet integral matte Black

Item code: 594141
In stock enough Stock updated 57 minutes ago
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Brand: AXXIS, Spain
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
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OSA seamless Balaclava OSA seamless Balaclava
  • Articleosa-balaclava
Price 32.05 €
Brubeck Balaclava black Brubeck Balaclava black
Price 51.20 €

Note to buyers:

In order to ensure hygiene, the helmet can only be tried on in a balaclava. This applies to fitting on delivery and in the store. Take a balaclava with you or buy it in the store at a special price from 240 rubles. Disposable caps do not cover the entire area of the face, so we do not use them.

The visor (visor) included with a motorcycle helmet or purchased separately is a special protective element of a motorcycle helmet with a complex chemical composition that contributes to safety and comfort while riding a motorcycle. The factory film in which it is packed protects the surface of the visor from damage during its transportation and storage before the start of operation, while maintaining its proper presentation and consumer properties. It is not recommended to remove or damage the factory film of the helmet visor before making a confident decision about its purchase.

Manufacturer AXXIS, Spain
Where to buy " AXXIS FF112C Draken'S Parrot Motorcycle helmet integral matte Black»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
  • color: black (matte), size: xl Out of stock
  • color: black (matte), size: xl In stock enough Stock updated 57 minutes ago
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