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Thor S5 Black. Knee compression Stockings

Item code: 560576
24.54 € –29%
Price 17.42 € behind steam
Color: black
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The model is discontinued. Sale of the last sizes from the list. Receipts of other sizes will not be.
2 assessments
Brand: Thor
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
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Thor S5 black compression stockings are designed to be used in conjunction with Thor knee protection. The model is made of elastic lycra, which provides a tight fit and guarantees all the necessary freedom when moving. Dress stockings under knee pads and serve for their better of fixing. Thus, the probability that the knee pads will shift to the side or move down is reduced. The cellular structure of the material provides ventilation and thermoregulation, whereby the coils can be used at different ambient temperatures. Also, one of the important advantages of this accessory is their soft base, thanks to which the knee pads do not RUB the skin in the area of the knee joints. In addition, the hypoallergenic properties of the materials provide comfort even during prolonged driving.

  • Model in universal black color;
  • Used in conjunction with Thor knee pads;
  • The base is made of elastic lycra;
  • Fit tightly;
  • Do not constrain movements;
  • Serve for better fixation of knee pads;
  • The cellular structure ensures good ventilation;
  • Contribute to thermoregulation;
  • Prevent skin rubbing with knee pads;
  • Hypoallergenic properties.
Manufacturer Thor, United States
Customer reviews
2 reviews
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  • in Екатеринбурга 28/05/2020, 10:22 Verified review
    Stockings are very comfortable. Knee pads do not RUB and sit firmly.
  • in Москвы 30/09/2018, 23:50
    Very useful thing, I wear under the knee pads. Cover most of the legs, movements are not constrained. Knee pads with them do not slip, if properly secured. Just two pluses - and do not scroll, and the skin is not rubbed. If you like to wear knee pads over pants-it is better to tie, wear knee pads on stockings and then over the pants. In General, they will be useful not only when traveling, when doing active sports, too, or if there is already some injury - as a support. The price is very affordable, have been looking for such. In a similar way to recommend for elbow pads calipers cubits, is, in different sportmagazine.
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