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Icon Patrol 2 Waterproof Motorboats brown

Item code: 592114
217.44 € –28%
Price 156.56 € behind steam
Color: brown
In stock a few Stock updated 11 minutes ago
The model is discontinued. Sale of the latest sizes from the list. There will be no receipts of other sizes. If the size suits you, we recommend that you hurry up.
13 assessments
Brand: Icon
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
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Starks Rain Boots Shoe covers yellow Starks Rain Boots Shoe covers yellow
19.82 € –28%
Price 14.27 €

Put your shoes on and forget about them-PATROL 2 is the easy-to-use, waterproof, CE-certified motorcycle boots you've always dreamed of. At the top of the shoes, a BOA light lacing system is evenly integrated into the TECTUFF leather for easy on-off and micro-adjustment. The protective insert in the ankle area is made of material D3O. Patrol 2-perfect shoes that meet all the requirements of motorcycle shoes.

Tested and certified according to EN 13634: 2015
The upper part of the shoes is made of leather Tectuff
Water resistance level 3 will protect you from heavy rain, sleet and other impacts.
Most standard-width shoes are made on the middle foot.
Sports arch support will allow you to enjoy the convenience of walking, while maintaining the structure necessary for the motorcycle.


  • Ankle protection D3O
  • Plastic reinforced heel
  • Boa quick lacing system
  • Rubber surface contact with the foot shifter
Manufacturer Icon, United States
Material leather / textile
Gender male
Season summer
Water repellent properties Yes
Type of footwear high
Customer reviews
7 reviews
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  • in Хабаровска 30/12/2020, 18:57
    Good day! Was looking for a gift for the new year it is these shoes, the planets in Moto was the most acceptable for me the price! I ordered 25.12.2020 on Friday and did not hope that I would have bots by the new year. The work of the manager pleased me, all my questions were answered in a clear way, delivery was included in the invoice and promised to be sent on the same day! I received a parcel on 30.12.2020, which made me very happy, I went all day! It sits comfortably on the foot, the lacing is very pleasing, it looks like ordinary shoes, which is very important for me! In the season there will be a test drive, let's see how they will behave in operation! Thank you for the product and the mood for the new year))))
    Отзыв №8669 Отзыв №8669 Отзыв №8669
  • Terrible / Bad
    in Москвы 01/10/2019, 12:17
    This craft is not worth the money, positioned as waterproof, but in the first rain of water in them was more than outside. Get wet both, immediately, instantly, from the first days of socks, faster than wet shoes. Moreover, there is no visible damage/marriage, it's just such a feature of the model: 9 holes are drilled on top specially for water for the navel as if under the switching foot in the left and for symmetry in the right . In dry weather they are very hot, like in boots in the bath, so traveling is possible without removing exactly 1 hour. Fashionable lacing from ski boots catches the lock on the leg and has a very fine tuning of the puff in half a click between "fly off" and "blood circulation is stopped". In General, this work of Chinese folk art is suitable only for fashion photo shoots, the dirt from the brown oilcloth flows well.
  • 03/10/2019, 1:49
    Hello. Please provide your order number.
  • in Падуи 09/04/2018, 13:37
    I took the shoes a size bigger and can't say they're too big for me. The lacing system is very convenient, I really like that I can tighten the laces and not think about what they can untie. I am glad of my acquisition.
  • in Падуи 26/11/2017, 17:05
    I'm pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and easy they are to put on and take off.
  • in Падуи 07/10/2017, 19:00
    These shoes are incredibly comfortable in any use. I bought them specifically so that it was not noticeable that they are motorcycle shoes. They look very high quality and safe, despite the fact that they are low.
  • in Падуи 02/10/2017, 20:35
    Hurray! Tried 6 pairs of shoes recently and finally found the perfect ones. They are very comfortable, durable. I like everything about them! I will warn you that they are small, you need to take a little larger.
  • Excellent
    in Падуи 19/09/2017, 15:36
    Shoes are very well protected from the wind (under the rain they did not fall). It's nice that when walking on foot, they do not RUB. Laces are very easy to use. I noticed that in these shoes I have to bend my ankle more to pry the lever because of the thickness of the sock. You have to get used to it.
  • Paw set up and that's it ? ♂ ️
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