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Icon Field Armor 3 knee pads black

Item code: 593598
265.46 € –16%
Price 222.99 €
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2 assessments
Brand: Icon
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If you're reading this, you've probably already had problems with your knees. Use Field Armor 3 knee pads to protect what's left of your previous bad experience. These knee pads are so comfortable that you can forget about them, and all thanks to the ventilated bio-foam and mesh material, combined with a cast form that has vents and repeats the shape of the knee. Suitable for wearing under pants. Three adjustable straps with Velcro prevent the protection from shifting. Wear them and take care of your knees.


  • Adjustable fit
  • Ventilated bio-foam and mesh material
  • The cast mold with ventilation channels follows the shape of the knee
  • D3o protective inserts
  • 3 Velcro straps for adjusting the fit
  • You can wear it under your pants
  • Tested and certified by EN 1621-1: 2012, level 1
Manufacturer Icon, United States
Type of protection kneepads
Where to buy " Icon Field Armor 3 knee pads black»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
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Customer reviews
2 reviews
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  • in Санкт-Петербурга 31/08/2022, 22:39
    Good knee pads for city driving. Cute, easy to put on, do not interfere with movements, do not scratch the tank. Velcro is definitely worth changing to fastex, but this is done easily, if you can't do it yourself in the nearest atelier
  • Good
    in Ясного 07/02/2022, 16:52 Verified review
    I haven't used it yet, I just got it. But immediately ambiguous impressions. Knee pads are made of high quality, the materials inspire confidence. But it was not without nuances - if you bend your leg strongly, and then straighten it to the end, then the edge of the knee part breaks against the edge of the upper one (photo 1), this is very uncomfortable. This is on both knee pads. In addition, they are attached to three fasteners, and it remains a mystery - why did the manufacturer make two on fastex, and the third on Velcro, which will very quickly become unusable? I bought it by mail, I will not bother with a refund, I will leave it, I will try to eliminate the flaws. But if there was an opportunity to feel before buying and try it on, then I definitely wouldn't take it.
    Отзыв №9460 Отзыв №9460
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