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For example,  black matte helmet
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Icon Timax long motor gloves

Item code: 586447
382.03 € –24%
Price 290.34 € behind steam
Color: black
In stock a few Stock updated 1 minute ago
The model is discontinued. Sale of the latest sizes from the list. There will be no receipts of other sizes. If the size suits you, we recommend that you hurry up.
14 assessments
Brand: Icon
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
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Timax long gloves (Timax long gloves)

Do you like brutal gloves? Maximum protection and a menacing look - all this updated Gloves TiMax Long. Floating knuckles, reinforced with military titanium plates, provide full protection and do not restrict the freedom of movement. Cuff gloves are made using a unique technology that allows you to freely control the motorcycle, not paying attention to extraneous movement of equipment. Special technology treatment of the skin perfectly keeps the temperature, providing a comfortable ride even in cold weather. Due to the presence of lanolin in goat skin, the material is soft and elastic, and fine processing allows you to make the most accurate movements without losing tactile sensations.

  • Special floating protection design, allowing you to freely make any movements
  • Durable, finely crafted Battlehide™ leather on the inside of your palm
  • Double cuff closure, elongated cut with three Titanum plates
  • Titanum knuckle and finger protection
  • Streamlined cut, for more convenient control of the motorcycle
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Manufacturer Icon, United States
Material leather
Gender male
Season summer
Water repellent properties No
The material of the protective elements titanium overlays
Gloves length long
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Customer reviews
8 reviews
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  • in Санкт-Петербурга 31/01/2021, 23:56
    Great stylish gloves. They are certainly not small, but they are unique in their own way, which probably should cost money. Metal protection in general should replace carbon fiber
  • in Актобе 30/01/2021, 18:25 Verified review
    For a very long time I doubted whether to take these gloves or not. Naturally, they take them for their appearance, which I bought into. The price tag certainly bites, but they are made without regard to the cost and inspire confidence as a defense. I measured the size of the palm (23 cm wide, 20 cm long from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm), decided to make myself a New Year's gift, ordered them in the size of M. We arrived, tried on, the size came up. The first feeling is that the gloves are a bit stiff, but despite the bulky appearance and the thick, multi-layered layer of skin, they do not prevent the hand from bending in different directions. At the same time, they sit pleasantly and are felt on the hand. In the place of the bend of the thumb, the skin is provided in the form of a corrugation, which contributes to the easy movement of the finger. With a clenched fist, you can feel that the knuckles rest against the titanium tread, but the feeling is softened by a movable rubberized pad with a soft material like paralon under the mesh located between the tread and the corrugated leather at the bend on the knuckles. The upper arm behind the knuckles has a perforation in the form of small round holes for ventilation. I didn't find any other ventilation. The fingers are reinforced with additional leather on which titanium protectors are located. The palm is also reinforced with several layers of skin. I had a chance to drive in them by car (a little more than 100 km), they do not cause discomfort, but my hands sweat noticeably and I feel that they are quite thick. On the mote in cool weather, I think what you need. The label shows the composition of the gloves made from which they are made in several languages, including Russian: goat leather, aramid yarn, cow leather, artificial leather, titanium. On the fingers, the seams are outwards, they do not cause discomfort. In general, the design of the gloves is quite aggressive and attractive. I ordered them together with other equipment, but with all the pile of equipment, all relatives and friends are drawn to these gloves in the first place. If you have the opportunity, I recommend it. I think you will not regret it.
    Отзыв №8728 Отзыв №8728 Отзыв №8728 Отзыв №8728
  • in Каменск-Уральского 11/01/2021, 11:19
    Good. They're worth their money. Sewn at the level and of course the gun appearance )))
  • in Москвы 28/01/2020, 9:42
    they are cool, but hard, not very comfortable, hands get tired
  • in Нижнего Новгорода 11/04/2018, 12:45
    Peppers are good. Their money are worth. Previous series use a short seventh season. With a jacket, a short model is more convenient, because a wide sleeve can not be stuffed into a long one. For jackets with narrow sleeves to the wrist is a long version out of competition.
  • in Падуи 14/12/2017, 18:50
    Some of the most aggressive gloves I've ever had (handroids, alpine sp2, scorpion gauntlets). These timaks are the most convenient and the simplest. Very expensive, but worth it.
  • Excellent
    in Падуи 02/11/2017, 12:19
    They're back! I had long gloves of the previous generation that served me 10 years of regular use. This is the main reason I bought the new timax.
    4 stars just for missing the rivets that were on the old model.
  • in Падуи 05/10/2017, 10:57
    Protection is the main reason I chose these gloves. I am sure that my hands will withstand any blow.
    I like their style. They go perfectly with all my chrome.
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