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Icon 1000 Retrograde brown motobots

Item code: 583785
233.73 € –33%
Price 156.60 € behind steam
In stock a few Stock updated 42 minutes ago
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The model is discontinued. Sale of the last sizes from the list. Receipts of other sizes will not be.
1 assessment
Brand: Icon
Brand country:
In Russia and the CIS:
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Dragonfly Shoe covers rain Dragonfly Shoe covers rain
22.94 € –13%
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15.29 € –27%
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When the planet moves in the opposite direction, we begin to notice signs of "retro", but it only seems to us, because we continue to move forward. The same thing we experience at the sight of the boats Retrograde Icon. Outwardly, they remind us of the retro style, but when they are created, modern technologies are used, such as a molded sole with a recess, d3o inserts, steel plates in the Shin area, which give style and functionality to Icon Retrograde Motorboats


  • Genuine leather
  • Non-slip sole
  • European safety standard EN 13634: 2016
  • Metal plate on the Shin
  • Bowl-shaped sole design
  • Strap for adjusting the volume of the boot on the rise
  • Back zip
Manufacturer Icon, United States
Material leather
Gender male
Season summer
Water repellent properties No
Type of footwear high
Customer reviews
1 review
  • in Сызрани 03/03/2020, 0:55 Verified review
    I ordered these bots and was looking forward to sending them with other items. We came quickly, thanks to the parter-Moto team. The shoes fit perfectly and match the picture. I am very happy with the order)
  • 04/06/2020, 21:17
    Nikita, good afternoon. Can you tell me if the shoes were a little worn out or not?
  • Good afternoon, Yes, they did. They fit perfectly now
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9.5 43.5 Nine
Ten Forty four 9.5
10.5 44.5 Ten
Eleven Forty five 10.5
11.5 45.5 Eleven
Twelve Forty six 11.5
Thirteen Forty seven 12.5
Fourteen 48.5 13.5

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Five Thirty five 2.5
5.5 35.5 Three
Six Thirty six 3.5
6.5 Thirty seven Four
Seven 37.5 4.5
7.5 Thirty eight Five
Eight 38.5 5.5
8.5 Thirty nine Six
Nine Forty 6.5
9.5 Forty one Seven
Ten Forty two 7.5

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