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Thor Force XP Black knee Pads

Item code: 559828
148.57 € –22%
Price 115.89 €
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18 assessments
Brand: Thor
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In Russia and the CIS:
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The black articulated knee pads of the Thor Force XP are a modified version of an earlier model in the series. The hinge system itself remained almost unchanged, only the fixing bolts were moved inside. However, the changes affected the appearance of the knee pads, ventilation system and General protection. Central protective panel Force XP is made of high strength plastic, which is undoubtedly better than the fabric coating of the previous version. In addition, the protective segments are now closer and denser to each other, whereby the protection has a more compact size and does not cause discomfort even if you wear knee pads under the pants.

  • Hinge system capable of repeating the movements of the knee joint;
  • Adjustable wide fastening on the thigh and in the Shin area;
  • The base is subject to perforation;
  • Support and secure fit system;
  • The Central protective panel is made of impact-resistant plastic of high strength;
  • The protective segments are closer and denser to each other;
  • Protection has more compact dimensions and does not cause discomfort when driving;
  • Asymmetric shape contributes to a fuller fit;
  • It is convenient to wear knee pads under the pants.
Manufacturer Thor, United States
Season summer
Type of protection kneepads
Where to buy " Thor Force XP Black knee Pads»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
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Customer reviews
13 reviews
  • in Омска 07/04/2020, 12:32 Verified review
    I bought these knee pads in the summer of 2019, I used them actively all season, they sit very comfortably on the leg, I wear them with shorts, or with wide jeans, they will not fit under narrow jeans, it is difficult to put them in a comfortable position on top of jeans. Since it is difficult for me because of my height (196 cm) to pick up motorcycle jeans, I ride in ordinary half-torn jeans with worn-out knees, in this case they fit under the jeans normally. Despite the bulkiness of the knee pads, they are very comfortable, both to ride and walk, there is no irresistible desire to remove them, often I can go on business in the morning and do not remove them until the evening, nothing rubs, the only thing that can prick the Velcro, in this case it is enough to undo it, so that it does not touch the skin. About scratching the paint on the tank, in my case, the protruding valve covers were scratched and the paint on the protective arcs was rubbed, but in these places, anyway, the paint still rubs, with the knee pads it happened a little faster. I also used them at a distance of 10,000 km, every day in them, there were no problems, only a little worn tape with hooks.
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 31/10/2019, 23:26
    Good knee pads. There is a hinge, can be worn comfortably under jeans . Comfortable clasps, non-slip
  • Excellent
    in Москвы 31/10/2019, 14:30
    Protection these knee pads give the impression of impenetrable, in practice did not check, but they feel impressive. Roofing felts due to the fact that I am very large, roofing felts my legs are non-standard, with a long active ride, they begin to slip, and this despite the fact that I just tighten them very tightly. There was a problem with the kachetv, the Chinese badly stitched the protection, and the mount (began to come off) I had to buy a Kevlar thread and sew everything myself. In a whole the price-the quality of, perhaps the best that there is on market ( bought these for 5 thousands of).
  • in Самары 12/07/2019, 22:07
    Chic knee length, accurate and reliable! And with a discount on the collapse of prices - so just a fairy tale! Thank you Partner-Moto, do not cease to please! And of course the free explosive Mike sticker is also very much in the theme! Wait for the photo to instagram, be sure to note!!!
  • in Москвы 01/02/2019, 18:30
    Gorgeous knee pads. I dress under light pants or shorts. Ventilation at altitude. Sitting on the foot like a glove, although 2 of the clasp. Walk comfortably, sit comfortably. Even more comfortable if they wear a special stocking. In the summer I'll shoot how they look under my pants
    Отзыв №6862
  • in Москвы 30/06/2018, 23:50
    Good knee pads. Bought them after I lost the last modification, just Thor Force, not XP. If to compare-fasteners two instead of three. Hooks on the left, a little more convenient though not so fundamentally. But the ventilation was definitely better. Fabric valves are very wide, comfortable, Velcro does not RUB on the skin. Better to wear under pants, of course - and more reliable, and the fuel tank plugs the bolts won't scratch if that. To wear on bare skin is comfortable.
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 26/06/2018, 17:31
    Great hinges! Under put on trousers and go! I will not speak about quality, it is a brand with a capital letter, everything is clear!)
  • in Москвы 30/04/2018, 23:54
    Reliable and lightweight knee pads! I usually wear it under my pants, so as not to scratch the tank accidentally! Ventilation is well arranged, legs do not sweat! Pleased that also protect the Shin, not only the knees! Velcro does not RUB! :)
  • in Москвы 30/04/2018, 15:22
    Thor Force very a good producer all that concerns protection have them on perform well pros these knee pads in is that they two hinge and is famously accept form of its feet they not perekruchivayutsya and is famously sit on become. Excellent protection of the knee. Fastening can always be adjusted to the level of tightening simple fixation allows you to quickly remove and put on the knee pads. Soft lining adds to the comfort. Some of the best knee pads.
  • in Москвы 26/04/2018, 15:24
    Good knee pads and for a reasonable price.Have a strong hinge, powerful protection of the kneecap, two wide Velcro for the thigh and Shin.
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