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Motorcycle locks and anti-theft chains

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Often we see, as many owners are invested in tuning motorcycle, make his superficially original and conspicuous, invest soul. However, do not forget about such basic things as the possibility of theft. Motorcycle, which stands in the open air, near a cafe or supermarket, attracts not only admiring gaze of passers-by, but also is a lure for criminals and hijackers.

In order to prevent unpleasant situations associated with the possible theft of the bike, every motorcyclist is obliged to consider the protection for his motorcycle. Well, if you have a garage, and you have the opportunity to store your motor vehicle behind seven locks. Many people practice to leave their motorbikes in the Parking lots or near the house. Properly selected lock will be able to ensure proper safety of transport and will save you from many troubles and experiences.

Varieties of motorcycle protection

photo3.jpgIt should be noted that to pick up the lock or any other anti-theft system is necessary, objectively assessing the storage conditions of transport. Even owners of garages should always remember that it is necessary to leave the motorcycle often during short Parking near shopping centers, shops, cafes and restaurants. Sometimes, ten minutes can be enough for criminals to steal a bike.

The most common among motorcycle owners, as well as available in terms of pricing policy, are mechanical anti-theft means. There are the following types of motorcycle protection from theft, namely:

  • The brake disc lock motorcycle locks the wheel does not make a complete revolution. Can be establish 2 of the castle, one on front wheel, the second on rear. There is a variety of such locks with built-in siren. Greatly increases the degree of protection, easy to install and have an affordable price.
  • Lock-bracket this type of protection is installed in front of the fork of the motor vehicle and with it there is a lock of the front wheel by fixing the steel rod. Often, the manufacturer for the manufacture of this kind of locks uses heavy-duty hot steel, which is difficult to saw or drill.
  • The lock in combination with a chain is most often used to protect the motorcycle in public Parking lots. When using the lock and chain, the rear or front wheel of the motor vehicle is locked.
  • Anti-theft cable with lock-this protection is made of strongly reinforced steel. The cable itself may have a diameter of from one to three or more inches. At the end of the cable there is a special lock that closes the chain.
  • Locks-clamps - such means of protection of the motorcycle are a lock with a lock, which are mounted most often on the front wheel of the vehicle.  At the heart of the mechanism acts klipon, which blocks the front wheel, clamping the brake lever.
  • Anti-theft anchor-installed anchor bolts in the concrete floor. It is used in garages and Parking lots. It is fastened to the chain passing through the wheel of the motorcycle. Is used where is not possible to "catch" the chain around the base.

Anti-theft protection for your bike from Partner Moto

photo2.jpgTo ensure that your motorcycle needs protecting, you will be able with properly fitted anti-theft system. Today, even inconspicuous and old bikes can be stolen and disassembled for parts. What can we say about the newer and more powerful models and brands of motorcycles. The Partner Moto online store offers the clients to buy the lock for a motorcycle on the most favorable conditions.

In our catalog you can choose the best option to protect your bike from theft. Buy Moto castle in Moscow at an affordable price in one click by placing an order on our website. We work with proven and reliable manufacturers of motor protection and are always ready to provide comprehensive advice to choose the best lock your bike.

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