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Thor Quadrant Solid black brushed motorcycle helmet

Item code: 557478
229.74 € –40%
Price 137.84 €
In stock a few Stock updated 56 minutes ago
The model is discontinued. Sale of the last sizes from the list. Receipts of other sizes will not be.
Brand: Thor
Brand country:
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23.98 € –10%
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All new helmet series "Quadrant" provide increased efficiency, made in a new design, as well as have less weight. "Quadrant", being in compliance with DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, is a high-quality world-class helmet with characteristics peculiar only to more expensive models. The enclosure dual-density expanded polystyrene, good ventilation, a removable inner cushion... All this is combined in a lightweight model, providing the right balance of safety and comfort. In your next race, do not settle for anything less than a helmet line "Quadrant".


  • Housing of polycarbonate and Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, - maximum protection without excess weight
  • Great review
  • Metal mesh on the ventilation opening at the front
  • Removable washable inner cushions
  • Certified DOT and ECE 22.05
Manufacturer Thor, United States
Gender male
Type of clasp with D-rings
Type of helmet cross
Season summer
Certification standard DOT USA, ECE22-05 Europe
Helmet material polycarbonate
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Size chart

How to know the size of the helmet?

To make it easier for You to decide on the size, especially for those who buy motorcycle helmet for the first time, we have prepared to help this video guide. If you already know how to measure the head and you need a size chart of helmets, you will find it below.

If you have any questions, call us, we will help you choose the right size.

Men's and women's helmets XXS XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
centimeters 51 - 52 53 - 54 55 - 56 57 - 58 59 - 60 61 - 62 63 - 64 65 - 66
Children's helmets S M L XL
centimeters 47 - 58 49 - 50 51 - 52 53 - 54

Head measurement is carried out in a circle through the forehead and back of the head. If you fit two sizes, choose the smaller one, as the inner inserts will flatten and sit in the shape of the head.

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