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Leather Motorcycle Gloves in UK

Looking for the best leather motorcycle gloves in UK? Look no further! Our selection of gloves offers the perfect combination of style and protection. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, we have the perfect gloves for you. Shop now and get the best deals on leather motorcycle gloves in UK!
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When it comes to choosing the right motorcycle gloves, there are a few things to consider. First, you want to make sure the gloves fit properly and are comfortable to wear. Second, you want to look for gloves that offer good protection from abrasion and impact. Finally, you want to choose gloves that are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. Our selection of leather motorcycle gloves in UK offers all of these features and more. Browse our collection today and find the perfect gloves for your riding needs.
Frequently asked questions on Motor gloves
What to choose: long or short gloves?
  • Long used primarily on the track, or with a sports jacket or metacommentary. There are also long touring textile gloves: their long sleeve protects against blowing wind and rain in the sleeve during long trips.
  • Short comfortable in the city, they are not so hot and combined with urban motorcycle jackets for every day.
Leather or textile gloves?

First, it is necessary to introduce a new material, previously unknown on the market Ax Suede Laredo-a synthetic leather (not to be confused with leatherette). The material is designed specifically to replace the skin, so it looks very difficult to distinguish from the skin, and the characteristics of abrasion it is stronger.

In General, the most important thing to know: leather gloves are less blown than textile, so in cool weather use leather, in the heat – textile.

For protective functions not to say that the textile better than leather, and Vice versa, it is necessary to look at the model, not the material. There are textile models with a greater degree of protection than leather.

What could gloves possibly have?

Touchscreen-the ability to control the touch screen in gloves.

Sliders on the palm-on sports models protect the palm when sliding in the emphasis on the hands.

Length-short comfortable in the heat and at short distances, and long protect from blowing wind and comfortable for long trips.

Fist protection:

  • soft-comfortable to operate, hands do not get tired, well felt control levers;
  • tough-mostly sports models.

Perforation - well ventilated in the heat, without perforation-may not get wet for a while in the rain.

Regardless of the endowed characteristics, all gloves have the necessary level of protection with access to public roads.

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