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GPS tracker for cars and motorcycles

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In the modern world of rapid development of satellite data transmission technologies, every car owner has access to a GPS monitoring system. With the help of GPS sensors, you can regularly get up-to-date information about the location of the transport. In addition, with the constant improvement of GPS devices, trackers have a wide range of applications.

Today, many vehicle owners decide to buy a gps tracker for a car or motorcycle, but when choosing a sensor model, they are lost in their diversity. In this article, we will consider in more detail the types of gps trackers for cars, their purpose and principle of operation, as well as the main advantages of the car accessory.

What is a GPS tracker - how GPS works

The name of the tracker comes from the English word tracking, which in Russian means tracking. The dps tracker for a car should be understood as an electronic device that provides communication with the satellite and provides operational data about the precise location of the vehicle to which it is connected.

The operation of a miniature gps beacon is provided by its main components, namely:

  • GPS module;
  • central processor;
  • antenna;
  • internal memory;
  • dps receiver;
  • slot for a SIM card.

With the help of satellite signals, the jeep tracker receives data that allows the vehicle owner to receive operational information about the location of the geo location of the car with an accuracy of several meters. For the convenience of users, the sensor can be evaluated using special software that can be easily installed on a smartphone or tablet.

In most cases, modern gps trackers are multi-functional, which should be understood as the presence of several interesting and useful options. Depending on the purpose of the GPS sensor and its configuration, the device can also have the following functions:

  • the ability to remotely control the car using SMS commands-lock the doors and ignition, as well as turning off / on the headlights;
  • beacon option for tracking the location of transport;
  • implementation of wiretapping of what is happening in the car using a hidden microphone in the tracker;
  • Autonomous power supply of the device due to the battery, which can last up to three years;
  • fixing all stops and waypoints, as well as possible road accidents in the form of bumps and collisions;
  • forming the history of the movement;
  • fuel consumption monitoring option;
  • option for auto theft alarm and alarm, which is activated every five minutes.

Main types of car GPS sensors and their differences

In order to make the right choice of gps tracker for cars and buy the best version of the sensor, you should understand the types and purpose of the electronic device. In the modern market of satellite monitoring systems, the main types of dps sensors are distinguished:

  • GPS tracker is a portable electronic device that performs the function of tracking the movement and location of the vehicle. As a rule, in addition to the main option for monitoring the geo location of the car, this type of sensor is also equipped with a microphone and allows you to maintain two-way communication between the driver and the dispatcher. The tracker is powered by the vehicle's battery, and the device itself is small in size;
  • the jeep beacon is a compact and unobtrusive sensor whose Autonomous operation is provided by a built-in battery or battery. As a rule, this appliance is hidden from prying eyes and it is quite difficult to detect. You can install the beacon in various places, and it is usually attached to a magnet. The device can remain in sleep mode, and its activation is carried out by sending the owner of the car an SMS message to the SIM card that is inserted in the beacon. The user can use the remote control to get detailed information about the location of the vehicle, the speed of movement, as well as use the anti-theft option and eavesdropping function.

How to choose the best GPS beacon for your car

The variety of jeepies trackers on the market can be divided into several groups depending on the type of device power supply:

  • personal GPS tracker with built-in battery;
  • a car jeep has a sensor that is connected to the vehicle's battery;
  • gps beacon with an Autonomous power source and a battery life of about three years.

In order to choose the right jeep sensor for the car, you should determine its purpose. As a rule, gps trackers can be found in any transport today – in personal cars, in city minibuses and taxis, in rental cars and in courier transport, as well as in the cars of logistics services and cargo transportation companies.

To choose the best jeep sensor for your car, you should visit our online store, where a large catalog includes:

  • Autonomous beacons on a magnet with the ability to record sound;
  • trackers for tracking the movement of transport;
  • portable dps sensors with advanced functionality.

Here you can find numerous positive customer reviews, as well as buy a GPS tracker in Moscow at a bargain price. Regularly in the online store you can see great discounts on popular models of GPS sensors. Also, our customers can arrange delivery of purchases throughout Russia.

The benefits of using a GPS tracker for a car

Installation and further use of the car tracker is an excellent solution for both private car owners and commercial organizations whose activities are related to transportation. Among the main advantages of using a jeep tracker for a vehicle, it is worth noting the following:

  • compact dimensions and easy installation method;
  • the lack of complicated settings;
  • efficiency and high accuracy of data on the current location of the car;
  • detailed history of movements in terms of speed, number of stops, fuel consumption, possible mechanical damage and vehicle impacts;
  • real-time satellite data monitoring;
  • ability to generate reports on the movement of cars, the schedule of refueling and fuel monitoring;
  • reliability and trouble-free operation of the device.
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