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For example,  black matte helmet
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Dragonfly Evo Kids raincoat membrane suit children's yellow

Item code: 592846
64.38 € –28%
Price 46.35 €
In stock a few Stock updated 29 minutes ago
6 assessments
Brand: DragonFly
Brand country:
Urgent on Moscow:
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Manufacturer DragonFly, Russia
Gender child
Where to buy " Dragonfly Evo Kids raincoat membrane suit children's yellow»
Moscow, ul. 5-I Cable 2
8 (800) 555-24-78 11:00-21: 00 daily
  • color: yellow, size: 116-122 In stock a few Stock updated 29 minutes ago
  • color: yellow, size: 128-134 Out of stock
  • color: yellow, size: 140-146 Out of stock
Customer reviews
3 reviews
  • in Санкт-Петербурга 31/10/2019, 22:50
    Bought such a small. Of course without a motorcycle for Nehru. As would not've been running around and was freaking out nimera remains dry. The main thing is not to screw up the membrane and wash only with special means. Well, the knees elbows are affected.
  • in Москвы 10/10/2019, 9:30
    Grandson in such runs around. If you comply with the conditions of washing and periodically repair the raincoat will be small and will be transferred to the neighbor's boy for the purpose of donashivaniya and victory over overproduction.
  • in Москвы 30/09/2019, 9:42 Verified review
    Membrane raincoat thing necessary for any owner of an active baby. On a motorcycle him of course to do nothing to acquire for need to cherish favourite ditetku, but this raincoat will allow ignore virtually any weather conditions, importantly of well-pick up layers and be ready to the that membrane gradually budedt be replaced by rubber patchnkami. On the knees can be glued immediately.
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