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Children's helmets

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One of the important and necessary accessories for motocross is a motorcycle helmet. Children very often during movement on motorcycles not adhere to caution, like quickly recruit the speed and fulfill different frills. All this can lead to dangerous injuries, so to protect the young rider should buy a quality helmet.

How to choose a children's helmet?

Properly selected helmet will help to minimize the risk of serious injuries in the event of a traffic accident, in addition, the accessory provides a comfortable environment while driving, protects from wind, dust, rain, bright sunlight and road noise.

Before you buy a children's helmet for a motorcycle, you need to consider the following requirements:

  • Size-the helmet must match the size of the child's head. If the helmet is too small, the child will feel uncomfortable, and the Grand helmet with a strong movement or fall at all will fly off and lead to injury to the young motorcyclist. For children helmets are produced in the following sizes: S-suitable for a head circumference of 45-50 cm; M-for a circumference of 50-55 cm.
  • Possibility of regulation. When buying a helmet, you need to pay attention to the presence of the adjusting mechanism, it is better to choose a model with soft pads. Adjustment should be simple and easy for the child to cope on their own. The helmet should have durable and high-quality fasteners that will securely hold the accessory on the child's head.
  • Ease. The accessory should have a low weight, it will provide comfort and convenience to the child while riding.
  • The material of products. It is better to select models from unbreakable two-layer thermoplastic, which have excellent strength and low weight.
  • Good air circulation. This parameter is also quite important, because for the comfort and health of the child it is necessary to provide good ventilation. To do this, manufacturers make more than eight vents in motorcycle helmets, which in some models can be masked by mosquito nets.
  • The presence of a visor-allows you to protect your face from injury when a child falls, and while driving makes it possible to hide your face from the sun.

Also, when choosing a helmet for children is better to buy a new product and do not save money on the safety of your child. If you buy a product from the hands of a stranger, you can not get a full guarantee that the accessory has retained its protective properties and has not been subjected to mechanical damage.

Types of helmets

Children's helmets repeat the design of adult models, but have a lighter weight and smaller dimensions. There are several varieties:

  • closed helmet ("integral") - the model provides full protection and excellent sound insulation;
  • cross helmet ("full face") - equipped with an elongated visor and has a solid jaw protection, when using it you need to buy special glasses;
  • open helmet ("bowler") - has the form of a helmet and is able to protect only a certain part of the face, provides a good overview, the chin area is not protected;
  • "modular" - the model provides the ability to remove the visor and raise the part that protects the jaw.

To participate in motocross is the most suitable cross-country helmet, its shape resembles a capsule, it is a suitable option in terms of aerodynamics. For ordinary walks on a motorcycle suitable closed helmet ("integral"), when using it will not need to buy glasses.

The model with the plexiglass visors allow you to keep the integrity of the helmet in case of a mechanical shock. For the summer period it is better to choose helmets with good ventilation.

Buy children's helmet in Moscow cheap

To buy a children's helmet for a motorcycle in the capital it is enough to visit the online store of motorcycle Equipment "Partner-Moto". On the website of the company the good choice of qualitative and reliable helmets which will allow your children to spend actively time during driving on motorcycles and at the same time to be in full safety is presented. The established prices for children's helmets for a motorcycle the most favorable and available in Moscow and the region.

The presented models are produced by well - known world brands-Thor, LS2, which meet the established safety standards, are ideal not only for walking, but also for participation in motocross racing. Cross-country helmets perfectly absorb shock, allow to exclude occurrence of serious consequences in cases of falling.  The models are lightweight, equipped with easy-to-use fasteners, and a special lining inside ensures normal air circulation.

Online store "Partner-Moto" offers to buy motorcycle helmets for children on sale in Moscow, each of the models has a discount, using which you will not only save money, but also be able to purchase a truly reliable product. The company provides delivery of the acquired children's motorcycle helmets across the Moscow region and all Russia. 

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